Wisdom from a friend

October 10, 2009 § Leave a comment

Sifting through Evernote I found these notes from a talk a friend gave a few weeks ago. It's a bit "The Last Lecture" but I assure you he's neither dead nor dying (though I have no doubt burrito withdrawal took its toll).

I use this blog for personal documentation and reflection, so it only seemed fitting to post the notes here. I expect I'll be coming back to this many times as I begin to learn this stuff for myself.

* Don't confuse passion w emotion.

* Failure is good if you do it a lot because you're trying new things. Learn. Don't get caught up in the emotion of failure.

* Be clear w yourself about excellence. Be clear w others.

* Understand what you want. Tell people about it.

* Just one great thing today.

* If you don't get to great today: Why?

* Let people talk. They might give you what you want.

* Personal integrity. Take credit for your successes and failures.

* You own your career.

* Collaborate w partners. Tell people what you want.

* Communication. Speak to the specific ear.

* Use the company. You give a lot – you should get a lot.


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