A visual poem about my brother’s midweek “weekend” bachelor party

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It was a great pic. You had to be there.

Normally I hate this kind of TED talk…

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… but I think she’s got real insights into the flow of power between shame and empathy.

Now what?

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Either they fire the kid in the marketing department who drove this initiative, or I need to start taking my powers of influence around novelty hygiene products more seriously.


People ask me what my brother does for a living.

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How convenient to have an answer available in HD on Vimeo.

Every 3 months or so, something similar happens in my bathroom

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All this time I thought it was just me.

Speaking of suits… Best. Drycleaner. Ever.

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Click the link for the story.

Larry’s worst suit

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The lapels. The waist. The horror.

Digital Rights Moratorium (or How We Learned To Mom-Proof E-Books) #TheNakedBook

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Nathan's Mom

It will become known as the night the moms finally killed off Digital Rights Management. Or how publishers learned to feel the fear but did it anyway.

The first ever broadcast of The Naked Book heard from two big names in the e-book business explaining why that bit of code that prevents readers from sharing their e-books is also preventing moms from downloading e-books. And it is the moms that are important.

Kobo‘s director of merchandising Nathan Maharaj, speaking from the company’s HQ in Canada, explained that a DRM-centric model puts DRM first, and enjoyment of content second. But a switch to a cloud-based platform that syncs across devices will mean moms are reading ebooks unaided.

Anobii chief executive Matteo Berlucchi called for publishers to move towards the “universal” e-book: anytime, anywhere, any device, telling the audience that publishers worries over piracy were “overstated”. How much easier can you make piracy than a Google search and one click, he said, but these were not readers publishers should be fretting about. “You cannot prove that the pirate is a bona fide customer.”

Meanwhile, the author of Angelmaker Nick Harkaway explained that he had given up trying to convince his own publisher to sweeten DRM. At some point, he said, you just have to trust that they will do the job they are supposed to do.

Wise words, Nick. But have they met Nathan’s mom?

Presented by Philip Jones, deputy editor of The Bookseller aided and abetted by Sam Missingham and Catherine Neilan corralling the chat room.

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I had fun on this panel. Cool new radio show about books and book culture.

The Strange, Fascinating History of the Vibrator

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Great piece, but could've been longer.



My current favourite Samson catch phrase

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"Oh, that not goes right."