When is a beer not a beer?

December 14, 2009 § Leave a comment



Every year or so, in the winter months when cold weather inclines me towards heavier, denser brews, and the holiday season catches me with my wallet open, the LCBO suckers me into buying a gimmicky beer brewed to taste unlike beer.

3 years ago it was Innis & Gunn’s revolting whisky-cask brewed lager, which tasted like a not very sophisticated argument at an airport bar.

Last year I don’t remember what it was. Probably a raspberry lambic. I enjoy those for about a mouthful. Unfortunately I periodically forget that it’s the first mouthful and so I buy a bottle with an enjoyable to annoying mouthful ratio of about 1:12.

This year’s mistake is presently decarbonating in front of me. A German “smokebeer” made by apparently treating the malt like sausage, which I’m sure it’s no accident it tastes like.

Next year who knows what perversion I’ll see as “interesting”? Predictions? Recommendations? Warnings? 


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