Koss headphones only make you look dumb.

December 17, 2009 § 2 Comments

But as it happens, they’re actually a sound investment in low-cost hi-fi.

About a month ago my Koss PortaPro headphones, pictured above (I think: more on this below), crapped out in the left channel. They’d only cost me about $30 on eBay (new, packaged) and I’d gotten around 2 years of near-daily use out of them, so I wasn’t going to mourn their demise too deeply. But 3 pairs of replacement foam earpads arrived the same day (also cheaply procured through eBay; I have no idea why people still go to retail stores for this kind of thing) so I was a bit annoyed at my luck.

Before I ordered a pair of Sennheiser PX100s I thought to contact Koss to see what recourse I had with my half-dead cans. That’s when I stumbled upon their lifetime guarantee. It’s a pretty simple deal: send the headphones and a money order for $7 to their factory in Milwaukee and they’lll send you back working headphones.

Allie went to the post office the next day and bought a USD$7 money order and a bubble envelope and sent the package to Milwaukee with a note I’d written saying “left channel dead”.

Today I got a pair of working, suspiciously new-feeling, Koss PortaPros in the mail. I don’t know if these are the headphones I sent them. It doesn’t really matter. $7 every couple of years is a fair price for perpetual, no-questions-asked, straight-shooting service.

You should buy yourself a pair. They sound great and look ugly as hell.


§ 2 Responses to Koss headphones only make you look dumb.

  • Chris Melito says:

    Going to retail locations to purchase headphones or most electronics might be folly. However, using those stores to test the product and find the one you like makes perfect sense. I recommend the wall o’ headphones at Bay/Bloor Radio.

  • Mark says:

    Just bought new earphones the other day. I have adopted the earphones are like sunglasses approach. High frequency purchases at low costs. Your post has me reconsidering.

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