What the #Windows8 logo should have been

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


I get it, Microsoft. Windows. Not flags.

But what happened to the colours? Windows 8 is a visually rich OS, with tiles of different sizes and a vibrant palette of colours. So why is its logo just one flat shade? With one quartered trapezoid?

Above, I present my version of the Windows 8 logo, based on the official version.

  • Through the coloured panels I’m looking back at Microsoft’s heritage from Win 3.1 to 7.
  • But by splitting up one of the “windowpanes” I’m looking forward at the new Windows 8 “Metro” interface.
  • And by half-assing this in MS Paint I’m attaching this concept to a proud Microsoft tradition of taking a good idea and kinda screwing it up.

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